Education in Suffolk

Teaching and Learning


Qualified teaching staff and a dedicated team of support staff ensure that young people achieve their educational potential. Class sizes comprise a maximum of six students with at least two adults provided per class.


Teachers match learning activities/opportunities to all abilities and preferences by personalising the curriculum. Teachers differentiate the curriculum to cater for all abilities and SEND needs by:

  • Task

  • Outcome

  • Teacher / adult support

Teachers use both formative and summative assessment to evaluate learners’ progress and to inform future teaching plans. Regular assessments are made of learners’ work in order to establish the level of attainment and to inform future planning. Regular mark book scrutiny and lesson observations are used to monitor teaching and progress made by learners.

Teachers create alternative learning opportunities through outdoor learning experiences and by creatively incorporating literacy and numeracy into life skills lessons and other activities. The teaching is always made relevant to the young people to ensure maximum engagement and interest.