Pump Farm is a six-bedded farmhouse set in five acres of grounds in the Suffolk village of Assington and is registered to provide care for children with Emotional and/or behavioural difficulties and Learning Disabilities.


The homes ethos:

We provide a safe, caring and progressive place for vulnerable and troubled young people to live and develop to their full potential, so that they can lead happy and successful lives on their own terms.

We offer care of the highest quality to children and young people with social, emotional behavioural difficulties and complex learning disabilities based upon their specific individual needs.


We believe that:

  • Everyone should feel safe at Pump Farm
  • Everyone is a unique individual and a valuable contributor to the home
  • Everyone has the right to be happy and should respect this as a right for others
  • Everyone has the potential to achieve their goals and the right to be supported to do so
  • Everyone must be empowered to understand their rights and exercise choice wherever possible
  • Being involved with the community helps people develop the ability to give and receive, and feel worthwhile members of society
  • Celebrating diversity and actively promoting equality and inclusion is fundamental to our community, within and outside of the home
  • A secure base model of care is fundamental to supporting and caring for young people effectively within Pump Farm

Jaya our Manager

at Pump Farm

The outcomes we seek to achieve:

At Pump Farm, we seek to effect a progressive and continuing behaviour change in young people with complex social, emotional, behavioural and learning difficulties, the severity of which has prevented them from managing successfully in conventional education, home, and community settings. We aspire for children and young people in our care to show development in all areas from their starting point with us.

By addressing the needs of the whole child and working within a secure base model of care, young people can  learn to value themselves and others and achieve their full potential.