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Visit from Turning Point

I came for my second visit to Pump farm on Thursday 3rd October 2019 to deliver some universal education around drugs and alcohol to the students, this time my colleague Laura also attended with me. From start to finish our experience was nothing less than a pleasure. All staff were accommodating and welcoming throughout. For the session with the young people we had 8 young males who sat throughout a full hour long session where we covered harm reduction and risks around numerous drugs including stimulants, depressants and hallucinogens. Each and every young person engaged well and were polite and appropriate throughout the session, asking fitting questions. They all managed to sit for the full hour and some even stayed at the end to ask further questions. We look forward to coming back to Pump Farm!



Many Thanks, Beth Bradshaw  Young Persons Drug and Alcohol Misuse Worker

Animal Magic

The Hilly Ridge Alpacas visited the school today and several students enjoyed the therapeutic hands on experience.


For a few nervous students this has been the most positive experience, watching their confidence grow and seeing them eventually handle the Alpacas themselves. We`re now exploring a potential work experience placements with Alpacas

Here we are reviewing the route

Year 11 Trip to Climb Snowdon

In July 2019 a group of year 11 Pupils went to climb Snowdon. 


A third of the way up! Everyone felt proud of their achievement

The group returned to the hostel for refreshments and a rest. Everyone helped to prepare the food for the barbecue and then everything needed was carried down to the river opposite the Hostel. It was a lovely sunny evening and we had fun skimming stones and looking for fish


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