Sharon our Registered Manager

at Mead House


Everyone at Mead House acknowledges that the extraordinarily warm, nurturing and trusting relationships between all form the foundation of our success.  We aim to enable emotional growth to re-integrate the young people into the community through residential, educational and social opportunities.  We work to develop the young people’s ability to make successful choices and decisions, to take responsibility and to move towards independence within their individual limitations from a secure and stable base.

By addressing the needs of the whole child through a balance of behavioural techniques and attachment theory, we seek to affect a progressive and continuing behaviour change and to facilitate emotional development.  Defined structures and boundaries, provided by trusted adults, enable young people to experience relationships of warmth, approval and mutual respect.  Staff encourage young people to develop a sense of self and individual identity.  Young people are encouraged to be actively involved in the development of their home.

Working in close partnership with families and those involved with the welfare of    each young person, we maintain open and honest communication to build trust and understanding.  The emotional and physical safety of each child is paramount, as some may have lived through abusive and damaging experiences.  Mead House embraces transparent practice and invites constructive feedback from young people, families and professionals in order to continually develop and improve the service offered to young people.