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Pump Farm School

Pump Farm School remains open with 4 Pupil vacancies

Head Lane

Head Lane remains open with no current vacancies

Mead House

Mead House remains open with no vacancies

Argyll House

Argyll House remains open with 3 vacancies

Argyll School

Argyll School remains open

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A message to all our Staff, Young People, Families, Local Authorities and all other people connected with The Ryes College and Community

During these unpredictable times the team at The Ryes college remain dedicated to the young people who live with us and are educated with us. 

We hope to continue to provide as normal a service as possible throughout this pandemic, and have fantastic staff, and good strategies in place to support the schools and children's homes to remain open. As one staff member said yesterday "if there is a group of people who know how to cope in a crisis, it’s us!" (Thank you Jo Seakins for being your usual positive self!)

Naturally if we reach a position where we are unable to safely staff a provision we will have to make plans to manage this, which may mean services are disrupted for as short amount of time as possible. Service updates will be posted on this page if changes are needed

Hopefully that time will not come, and we will be able to continue to support the young people and families that are part of our community. Any updates will be posted here. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or concerns.

Lets hope life gets back to normal for us all soon

Maria Marques-Neves