Argyll House

Supporting young people to develop their future

What we do………….

We provide a homely, warm and safe supportive environment for adolescents and young adults aged 16 to 24 which promotes space, support, skills and knowledge to enable them to develop their own fantastic personalities and futures.

At Argyll House we want to prepare everyone for adult life and use the Ofsted framework as a transition guide. The programme is designed to move young people through a step down plan at a speed that is safe.

The planned outcomes of the programme are for a young person to:
  • To be able to self-cater a healthy diet on a budget independently
  • Manage their own finances expenditure and bills
  • Be able to keep themselves safe both in the community and at home
  • Have the confidence and skills to meet all of their health needs, including such things as arranging GP or specialist health care appointments
  • To manage emotions and behaviour in a helpful and positive manner
  • Be engaged in either education, training or employment and to develop leisure and recreational activities
  • Be in full control of their medication, and self administer as prescribed
  • Be able to stay elsewhere overnight in a planned safe way
Our Home


Argyll House is designed to enable personal development both practically and emotionally. Every bedroom has its own bathroom with a shower and toilet, they also all have their own fitted kitchens. We do have two rooms without kitchens if needed

Safety is paramount so all cookers are wired to a centrally managed point and not in use until this stage of the programme is reached. Also there are no utensils in the rooms as we like to encourage people who move in to come shopping with us and help "set up" their new home. All the equipment they buy is given to them and can move with them to their new home once they leave.

We encourage each young person to contribute to the running of the home. This includes helping to cook one of the 3 communal meals we have each week, being involved in the recruitment of staff, helping develop policies and reviewing home rules in our community meetings.

It is our view that this level of participation in the running of the home prevents staff practice becoming institutionalised. It is also our view that seeking adolescents and young adults' views enhances their concept of being valued and creates an increased sense of selfworth.